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Mutual Respect     Caring and Responsible     Meeting the Needs of the Individual     Success for all

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Mutual Respect     Caring and Responsible     Meeting the Needs of the Individual     Success for all

Lisnagarvey High School believes that all pupils, regardless of ability, are entitled to the best that education can offer. Lisnagarvey has high expectations of all its students and adopts teaching approaches that encourage individuals to strive towards and achieve their own personal goals. Lisnagarvey is committed to ensuring that the curriculum is challenging, interesting and relevant, and that teaching methods are varied and innovative allowing pupils to access curricular content through their own learning styles.

Mr J Sheerin, Principal


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GCSE and A-Level ‘success for all’ at Lisnagarvey

‘Success for all’ was clearly a very well-chosen motto for Lisnagarvey High School. Yet again, the pupils, parents and staff have been celebrating the highest level of achievement at GCSE in the history of the school. For the fifth year in a row, these excellent results place Lisnagarvey High School amongst the top performing secondary schools in the country.

Mr Sheerin, Principal of Lisnagarvey High School, has been reflecting upon the continued success of the school; he commented: “Our continued success, particularly in the most important goal of 5 GCSEs including English and Maths is a reflection of the dedication, diligence, team work and enthusiasm of our pupils, staff and parents. The school has been in the 1st quartile of the very highest performing secondary schools in Northern Ireland for 5 years. The results this year are exceptional, with 57% of students achieving 5 GCSE grades at A*-C including English and Maths.

The high level of achievement has meant that, although many Lisnagarvey students had the grade points to access local grammar schools, they have chosen to remain at Lisnagarvey to pursue A-Levels. One of these students is in fact the top student in Year 12, Faye Hines, who achieved 4A*s, 3As, 1B.

Furthermore, with 88% achieving between 5 and 10 GCSEs or equivalent at grade A to C, this reinforces the core value of the school where “success for all” can be achieved. These levels of success and continued aspiration for high standards for ALL students as individuals is supported by our exceptionally hard-working staff, who create the conditions and ethos.”
“Moreover, we are very pleased to see Lisnagarvey students achieving A-Level results which have also been consistently above the Northern Ireland average for secondary schools. 61% achieving 3 A levels at grades A* –C.

At A-Level, Lisnagarvey’s top students were: Ellie McNally, Hana Kelly and Katelyn Miller, who each achieved A*A*A grades. Overall, the A-Level results will see over 70% of our students able to continue their studies at the university of their choice.”

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr Sproule, also praised the contribution of the wider school community, as well as that of staff and pupils. He said: “Once again, we are very pleased with the GCSE and A-Level results. On behalf of the staff of Lisnagarvey, I extend my thanks to the supportive parents, carers and hard-working students who played a pivotal role in this success. Every pupil deserves credit for their hard work and determination, which has brought success to their families and their school.”